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Ggreg is currently taking a break from live performances, while he works on his musical, Gehenna. He is also busy recording a new album You may see him pop up at a club or venue somewhere in the world, but it is all by chance and nothing is scheduled at this moment. If you would like to hear the ongoing work on his musical, check out the Soundcloud playlist, which is updated constantly.

The "album musical" of Gehenna has been finished, and it available for free download by visiting this SoundCloud page:

You can hear Ggreg singing "The Laughing Policeman" in this Xerox commercial.

Places Ggreg has played in the past: House Of Blues (West Hollywood), Cowboy Palace, The Hideaway, Fais Do-Do,  Molly Malone's, Butler's,  Holiday Inn Express (Bakersfield, CA), Sweetwater Cafe, El Rey Cantina,  UnUrban,  Cedar Street, Druids Rock, Blackbird's, Viper Room, Coconut Teaszer, Madame Wong's West, Club 88, Millie's, Common Grounds, the Basement, The Next Stage, Hollywood Palm, Paradise, the Moondog Café, Highland Grounds, Natural Fudge Co., Bear's Lair, the Breakaway, Jamaica Bay Inn, Marina Cove Club, The Cantina & other stages in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Japan & Europe.

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