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The soon to be released album is called Self-TItled Debut, a retro release of music that is reflective of the neo-folk / paisley underground scene that Ggreg was a part of in the late 80's and early 90's, both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It's the debut album that Ggreg never released.


1. Born Cool (Die Warm)

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal) Robert Heft (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals,) Ed Eblen (drums,) Charles Lim (double bass); Dana Shaw (background vocals.) This is about as true a song as I have ever written. I attempted to put my journey through faith (or lack thereof) in words.


2. The Tree

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Albert Lee (lead guitar, mandolin), Joylin (violin,) Robert Heft (rhythm guitar, guitar solo), Ed Eblen (drums), Justin Estocado (acoustic bass.) This is the only song on the album that was written fairly recently, but I felt that it reflected the music that I was writing during the period in question. It is a song with a very important message; mainly, don't mess with bears.


3. Like Her

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (acoustic guitar and mandolin,) Phil Cooper (rhythm guitar,) Mark Brown (piano,) Brandon Meeks (double bass,) Jason Meekins (drum.) I have made many attempts to combine country-folk with ska, and this is another of them, thereby cementing my title as "the king of country-ska." 


4. Interstate 5

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (rhythm guitar, acoustic bass, baritone solo) Chris Cardenas (lead guitar, mandolin) Ed Eblen (drums), Danny Pena (accordion,) Dana Shaw (background vocals.) Originally written as a song about life in L.A. being miserable, I changed it quite a bit in a recent rewrite.


5.Me + Naomi

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Albert Lee (lead guitar,) Terry Melvin (rhythm guitar, banjo, acoustic bass, percussion), Larry Salzman (congas.) Another recent re-write of a song from the past, original called 'Pete 'n Christy.' The original version was a completely fictional story, whereas this version is the story of a relationship from the past. I changed the name and one or two other things.


6. Mis'able

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (guitar). I opened many gigs with this song, though as a sing along version, with the audience singing the a-buh-buh-buh-buh part.

7. If I Were Alone

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (acoustic guitar, acoustic bass,) Toby Wilson (dobro, banjo,) Ed Eblen (drums.) It was written sometime in the 90's. As opposed to being a hypothetical, I was just describing my actual life.

8. Shoulder Man

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Albert Lee (lead guitar,) Terry Melvin (guitar, banjo, acoustic bass,) Larry Salzman (percussion.) This is the third of three songs on this album which I was lucky enough to have the legendary Albert Lee play guitar.

9. Space Dracula Mama

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (rhythm guitar,, lead guitar) Brandon Meeks (double bass,) Joylin (violin,) Ed Eblen (drums.) This is the oldest song on the album, written in 1981 while I was a freshman living in the dorms at San Francisco State. I recorded it as an experiment. Basically, I wanted to take the lamest, silliest song I had ever written and make a damn good recording out of it.

10. Sweet Chagrin

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica, backing vocals,) Charles Lim (double bass,) Ed Eblen (drums,) Dana Shaw (background vocals.) Composed in 1989, this song tells the story directly. A few words were changed to make it a better song, but the story is as it was.


11. Slow-Moving Guy

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (rhythm guitar, bass, lead guitar,) Danny Pena (accordion.) Another direct story from the past, featuring a great accordion part. Love the squeak-box.
















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