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The latest album Perilous Lizards, was released in June 1, 2018. It is available on iTunes, Amazon and cdBaby. Here is a listing of the songs on the album.


1. Valencia, Spain

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Vern Monnett (lead guitar); Will Ray (lead guitar); Richard Barron (accordian); Robert Heft (bass, acoustic guitar); Mike Tempo (percussion); Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vocals.) This is a travelogue culled from my adventures in Spain during the year 2011.


2. Snyderland

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (lead guitar, bass); Mark Brown (clavinet); Artem Zhulyev (saxophone); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion); Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vocals). It has always been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of Uncle Walt and build a theme park. Listen to the song closely, and you will learn my real dream. No, it's not to someday be a real boy.


3. When I Was 14 

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (guitar, bass); William Stewart (strings); Toby Wilson (banjo, dobro); Brandon Meeks (rhythm guitar); Mike Tempo (percussion). I wrote this while on a plane from Rome to Nice. I would love to tell you about the lady I wrote it for, but those memories have been erased by the Lacuna company.


4. Sticking To Her Plan (The Lot Lizard Song)

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Chris Cardenas (lead guitar); Robert Heft (bass, pedal steel guitar, rhythm guitar); Mike Tempo (drums,) Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vocals.) I came across the term "lot lizard" while scouring the net for information to use in another song, and I decided that the subject deserved a song of its own.


5. I'd Like To Hate You

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (electric guitar, banjitar, bass); Artem Zhulyev (saxophone); William Stewart (strings); Mike Tempo (drums); Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vocals). I was flirting with a lovely lady, and it was going so well until she mentioned her ex. I should have changed the subject, but she went on a bit and finally said "Ah, what's the use of falling in love with someone. You're only going to wind up hating them someday." I didn't have a snappy answer to that, as that's usually my experience, too. A few months later, I thought of what she had said, laughed to myself, and wrote this song in response.


6. She's Not You (Album Version)

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass); Toby Wilson (banjo, dobro); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion); Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vocals). Only one thing wrong with some women: they're not the one you love. This is is R-Rated version; I released a PG version of the song as a single a few months earlier.

7. My Better Judgement

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Chris Cardenas (lead guitar); Robert Heft (bass); Mark Brown (piano); Philip J. Ockleford (rhythm guitar); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion); Nick Echols (backing vocals). This is my most profane song ever, an attempt at cowpunk and a very angry piece. 

8. Who The Hell

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Rick Sailon (fiddle); Robert Heft (rhythm guitar, bass); Toby Wilson (banjo, dobro); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion). If there's a point to this song, it's "nobody's perfect."

9. Like You Like I Did

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal. backing vocal); Robert Heft (lead guitar, bass, rhythm guitar); Mark Brown (mellotron); William Stewart (strings); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion). One afternoon, I was playing along with a Ween song, trying to get the vibe. I digressed and wrote something that sounds nothing like the work of Dean and Gene. Robert Heft shares a co-write on the music for writing the groovy lead.

10. Some Days (Baghdad-by-the-Day c. 2000)

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (bass, dobro); Artem Zhulyev (saxophone); Toby Wilson (acoustic guitar): Mike Tempo (drums). There are a lot of San Francisco references in this song that many of you won't understand. Specifically, I am addressing the changes that came about in the City at the turn of the millenium.


11. Steal It

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (lead guitar, bass, rhythm guitar, pedal steel guitar); Artem Zhulyev (saxophone); Brandon Meeks (rhythm guitar); Mike Tempo (drums, percussion); Nick Echols (backing vocal). This song was written while I was walking through the streets of Barcelona. By sheer coincidence, the sax part was recorded in Barcelona. This song is also, to date, my most successful attempt at fusing country with ska.


12. Avenue N

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal); Robert Heft (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass,) Roberto Diana (banjo,) Mike Tempo (drums, percussion,) Nick Echols & Rachel Hirshee (backing vox). It was about 10 am on a Thursday morning, and I was in downtown LA, talking to a guy who was going to a job interview. He asked me if I could smell liquor on him, and the first line of this song was born. The rest of the song concerns the incredible amount of substance abuse I witnessed during my lost years, living in the Antelope Valley.


13. Cool Beans

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal, backing vocal); Robert Heft (bass, electric guitar,) Toby Wilson (Electric Guitar, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar,) Mark Brown (piano,) Mike Tempo (drums, percussion). If you know me, you know that I am a pop culture expert. This song incorporates that ability with my love for the blues.

14. Irish Goodbye

Ggreg Snyder (lead vocal): Robert Heft (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic bass,) Roberto Diana (lap steel guitar) Rachel Hirshee (backing vocal). Mucho thanks to actor/lawyer/professional wrestler Ben Waters for teaching me this phrase. It truly is my preferred way to leave a social event. 














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